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Why Us?


We Believe

Turns out, we believe in a lot of things. We believe that an entire industry can be revolutionized by a group of dynamic people. 

We believe that ambition

and determination lead to greatness. We believe that energy

is contagious. We believe that culture is paramount. 

Culture is Paramount
We can change the way technology companies hire

We believe that you should take a risk every day. We believe that potential is fueled by ambition. We believe that we can change the way technology companies hire.


Our story began in 2009 with an ambitious goal: to change the way companies hire.


As experienced recruiters, we developed a unique recruiting platform designed to attract top caliber talent for the most 

desirable employers.  


Our approach was to put the candidate’s needs first and cater to employers who treated them exceptionally well.  As a boutique firm, we were able to match the best with the best. 


Since those early days, we’ve stuck to that. We pride ourselves on proving our worth every day.

Our History


I had a great experience with Momentum. They consistently reached out to me to see how my job search was going and helped me find positions that best fit what I was looking for. Rebecca was extremely helpful and even provided great advice on rebuilding my resume. I definitely recommend working with Momentum.

Momentum worked with me over a course of almost 6 months to find a great fit entry job for me. They worked amazingly with the current work schedule I had prior and gave me all the information to set myself up for a successful interview and to make sure the position was something I was actually interested in! Super thankful for this company. I worked with Mady and she was nothing short of awesome! Checked in frequently and made sure I knew all information for a successful transition into my new position!

- Lindsay 

- Kyle 

5 Star Review

I had the most satisfying experience with this company. They truly care about finding the right job for you, and will never give up until you are fully happy with what they find. Rebecca was nothing but responsive, helpful, and caring through my process and I’m so grateful to have landed the amazing position I’m in. 100% recommend!

- Spyridon 


You couldn't ask for a better dynamic. They find well-suited positions based on your skill and experience level which is a huge help instead of having to find those jobs yourself! Made job searching very enjoyable.

- Bianca 

5 Star Review
5 Star Review
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